Jasung Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Changes the Future

Jiangsu Jasung Intelligent Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

        Since its establishment in 2005, Jiaxuan has been committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of industrial intelligent permanent magnet roller, with more than ten years of experience. The company's main products include industrial intelligent permanent magnet roller, electromechanical intelligent diagnosis, industrial intelligent motor, etc. The efficient intelligent self driving permanent magnet roller is our current leading product. This product belongs to the key direction of the development of 13 advanced manufacturing clusters and the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, At the same time, it also belongs to the field of 3515011300 special accessories for conveying machinery in the Catalogue of Statistical Products, which is a development field supported by the state.

         Jiaxuan is the earliest enterprise engaged in the design and manufacture of high permanent magnet synchronous electric roller in China. The company is equipped with 11-1000kw high torque full power permanent magnet roller professional laboratory, high-voltage insulation structure laboratory, high-voltage insulation material laboratory, and has a complete production technology management system and production testing and testing equipment. The company has R&D platforms of "Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center", "Changzhou Intelligent Industrial Motor Drive System Engineering Technology Research Center", and "Changzhou Municipal Enterprise Technology Center". Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the R&D and application of industrial intelligent roller technology and intelligent diagnosis and monitoring system of drive system. It has industrial motor series, efficient industrial permanent magnet motor series, intelligent permanent magnet direct drive system External rotor intelligent direct drive drive system, online monitoring and diagnosis system of equipment based on the industrial Internet of Things. Its main products include: permanent magnet direct drive roller, permanent magnet motor, online detection and diagnosis of equipment, etc.
        In 2019, the company's core technology product "industrial intelligent roller" was recognized as "the first major equipment and key components in Jiangsu Province". In 2020, it passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation, and the appraisal result was "international leading intelligent permanent magnet roller technology". In 2020, it won the "China Energy Saving Product Certification" issued by the China Quality Certification Center The "First Prize of National Equipment Management and Technological Innovation Achievement", the third prize of Coal Science and Technology Progress Award of Jiangsu Coal Association, and the first prize of Changzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition issued by China Equipment Management Association. In July 2021, the project was approved for "Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements in Jiangsu Province". In December 2021, it won the "First Prize of Science and Technology Award of China Coal Industry Association", and in 2022, it won the "First Prize of China Metallurgical Association" At the same time, it was recognized as a "national specialized and new small giant enterprise". It is certified by China Coal Machinery Industry Association that the market share of Jiaxuan permanent magnet direct drive roller has ranked first in China for four consecutive years from 2018 to 2021.
        At the same time, Jiaxuan has actively laid out its core intellectual property rights in recent years. As of November 2022, the company has independently applied for 104 domestic patents, including 84 authorized patents (14 inventions, 65 utility models, and 5 designs), 9 PCT patent applications. The company has participated in the revision of 4 national standards, 9 industrial standards (2 of which have been publicized), and 2 group standards.
       As a "smart manufacturing" enterprise, Jiaxuan is determined to become a world leading future workshop. The company has successively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, OHSAS1800 occupational health and safety management system certification and intellectual property compliance system certification, and strives to help users achieve safer, more efficient and cleaner production in the field of industrial intelligence and energy conservation and environmental protection.

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