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[Enterprise] We are taking action to fight the epidemic, Jiaxuan has established a workplace protection mechanism

[Enterprise] We are taking action to fight the epidemic, Jiaxuan has established a workplace protection mechanism

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[Enterprise] We are taking action to fight the epidemic, Jiaxuan has established a workplace protection mechanism

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Jiaxuan has attached great importance to it, acted immediately, deeply understands the importance and urgency of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and regards epidemic prevention and control as the most important work at present. The chairman of the company took the lead in setting up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, directing the company's epidemic prevention and control work, strengthening care and management of employees, launching an epidemic information reporting mechanism, implementing daily reports and reporting whenever things happen.


Continuously issue emergency notices to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic
Provide employees with protective equipment such as masks and reserve necessary protection and disinfection supplies; actively promote and publicize scientific knowledge of prevention and control through emails, WeChat and other channels, so as to improve employees' awareness of new coronavirus infection and pneumonia, and guide Respond to prevention scientifically, enhance self-protection awareness, and do a good job of protection.


Establish a workplace protection mechanism. When entering the factory, employees must wear masks, check their body temperature, and disinfect, and arrange for daily disinfection of duty personnel in all work areas.
According to the national spirit of epidemic prevention and control, the movement of people will be minimized and the continued spread of the virus will be curbed. The company makes every effort to ensure the normal operation of the information system, pioneering the use of remote flexible working methods, allowing employees to work remotely from home to ensure employee safety.
"Wuhan, come on!", Chairman Ms. Fu Jie led all employees to initiate voluntary donations, calling on Jiaxuan's employees to carry forward their dedication and love Wuhan to fight against the new type of pneumonia, and to contribute to the fight against the new type of pneumonia epidemic!


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